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Monthly Archives: March 2017

Tips to Make Him Call You

You decide to put off everything that you had planned just to wait for his phone call but you realize it’s gotten late and the phone never rang. You look at your email inbox or your text messages and realize there’s nothing from him. Now what?

You wonder why the night was so beautiful to you but not to him. You feel like contacting him instead of waiting for him to call you. Don’t think you are alone in this feeling/thinking? Tons of women are experiencing this problem each day. Many feel that the circumstance is discouraging but it’s actually not. You can do things that will make him get his phone and dial your number. What do you need to do to make this happen?

What next?

If you are left wondering why this guy hasn’t called, you probably have already thought about calling him. Have you always been the one to initiate call after your dates? You may automatically pick up the phone and dial his number without even thinking about it. Do you think he doesn’t call because he is too busy with his job or just in general busy? What can you do? Try not to call him. Don’t call him even after you have been out with him.

How does this work? Believe it or not, he’ll begin to wonder why he hadn’t heard from you. He’ll want to know what is going on. Women turned to bear the burden of relationship communication. However, if you always do the initiating, you’ll be doing it so long as the relationship lasts. If you go out and call every time after the date, he’ll be waiting on you to call him. Break the cycle: again, don’t call him!

Will it be difficult to do? Yes. Everybody’s mind can think the worst scenario possible like this guy has got another girlfriend or that he just so good looking and eligible. Don’t think the worst because that’s usually not the case. If you aren’t calling him, if he wants to get to know more about you, he should be doing the calling instead.


Why A No Contact Rule is Essential after A Breakup

For starters, emotions are running high. What sort of emotions is occurring? They are anger, hurt, jealousy and loneliness. These emotions are very common and quite natural to feel. What you don’t want are those emotions be directed right at your ex even if they are the one responsible for how you feel. Those emotions when let loose can destroy any chance for a second chance with your ex. Take a month off from your ex. That means no contact of any kind for a month. This keeps you from making a huge mistake.

Secondly, try to remember the old phrase that absence makes the heart grow fonder. If you stay in the picture, this phrase can’t come true. You need to back off and make them learn how to miss you and live life without you. If you are gone, then all those things they thought were bad in the relationship may turn out to be the good things he or she actually loved about you. When loneliness sets in, you have a greater chance of getting back together.

Third, use this time away to work on restructuring yourself. Find out how you feel about your ex. You may find that you really don’t want to be with this person after all. If you decide this is the person for you, then you can use the time to come up with a plan. Once that month has past, you can start working on getting your ex aback and achieving other goals you have in mind.


How to Heal a Broken Heart?

First, the best time to look at yourself and change what you don’t like is now. Why would that be when your heart is broken? When you focus on changing you, it’s a distraction from the pain that you feel at that time. You also build up your confidence and can find happiness within yourself. This is typically stripped away when your ex leaves you. If you think you need to lose some weight or rid yourself of some pimples, this is truly a good time to focus on that.

Second, look to friends during this time. By getting together with your friends and having a good time, you can distract yourself from the breakup pain. Though this can take pushing on your part, you need to have some fun in your life. Best friends are the finest things for healing a broken heart. You need to face the world and those best friends can help you face it.

Third, if you are looking to winning back your ex, you still need to experience life without him or her in it. Do some dating if you like. Get out with other singles. A public scene when you look good gets you plenty of attention so it’s best to keep an open mind. This doesn’t mean you need to be dating seriously but going out on dates is a welcoming diversion to what you are feeling.

While these 3 pieces of advice are good starting points, you should remember that a good way to get through and heal a broken heart is to stay level headed and calm. Emotions run high but don’t let them run you.