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Monthly Archives: April 2017

Find Out Time To End Relationship

Sometimes when a dating relationship heads south it’s really just a matter of giving each other space to recharge your batteries and come back to each other with a fresh perspective. At other times? It’s a clear indicator that the relationship is headed for a breakup.

There’s really nothing in this life that is set in stone and relationships are the least of them. One day it is lovey-dovey with vows of endless love; the next day it’s war. Still you are not sure if you are headed for a break up or even want one but something is happening and you have to ask yourself some questions.

1. Passing Through?

Many a relationships whether dating or married go through a phase where it seems like each person cannot stand to be in the others company. It can last a few hours, days or even longer but the couple does manage to pull out of it and come back together stronger than before. Are you and your significant other in that phase? If yes how long has it been? A month or more without any let up is not a good sign.

2. Indifference

Where as before so many things your dating partner said or did peaked your interest. They either made you laugh, excited or curious but whatever your reaction they had your attention. Now the most you can muster is apathy. Is it happening all the time or just every now and then?

3. Communication

Has it gotten to the point where you don’t want to respond? Maybe you do want to communicate but you and your dating partner are on different wavelengths. As far as you can recall that has never happened before; at least not for extended periods of time. Does the sound of their voice sound like fingernails scraped across the blackboard?

With all the things currently going on in the world, it may be outside forces that are causing much of the tension in your dating relationship. You may want to examine if that possibility exists.


Common Mistakes you Should Avoid Doing Right after The Break Up

# Stop Stressing Yourself

It’s not hard to stress over the things you can’t help. However, all you are doing is adding those wrinkle worry lines to your face and driving people close to you nuts. If you really want to get your ex back, you’ll have to push aside how you really feel and start dealing with it. Be sure to get motivated about getting him or her back. You should already know that time isn’t going to fix the issue; you are going to have to deal with it yourself.

# Fall Back Into the Routine

If you and your ex want to make another go of the relationship, don’t act like everything is good. If you pick up from where you left off, you still have the problems that plagued you both the first time around. Saying sorry isn’t going to fix all your issues. If getting your ex back is what you really want then you better put a ton of effort into making the relationship work.

# Don’t Purse If Your Ex Moves On

It’s not hard to see that as time passes the further and further away your chances become to get your ex back. If it looks like he or she has moved on without you, walk away. Don’t purse them because it makes you look like a psycho and you could be charged with stalking. If your ex recently got married or will be getting married, it’s a sign that you need to stop trying to bring you two back together. Yes, it may hurt. However, not everyone is meant to be. You have to accept that life does continue without them in your life.

# Don’t be Aggressive

Sometimes a little aggressiveness is a good trait. However, after you have broken up, being aggressive just add stress to you and your ex’s plate. If you want to get your ex back, do it smoothly and gently. Don’t speak about feelings or show attention all the time. Why? This only acerbates the feeling of uneasy and aggressiveness.

# Make Your Own Changes

Understand that a breakup is a two way street. Look to yourself to find out what you did wrong in the relationship. If you do make changes, keep yourself in check. If you are getting back together or have gotten back together, the last thing you want to do is revert back to your old self. Doing this is kind of like lying and the chances of a breakup occurring again are possible.


Know the Reason Why You Need To Move On

What does moving on really mean? It does not mean you are giving up on the chance to get a second chance, it means you are showing yourself, your ex, friends, family and the world that you can live without your ex beside you. However, the problem that people are facing is distinguishing the difference between the two. This keeps people from doing the best thing for themselves and their ex after the breakup.

If you move on, you not only help yourself deal with the breakup aftermath but you can fully assess the feelings for your ex, your life and how they come together and mesh. If your ex sees you moving on and getting on with life without them, the chances of him or her feeling the same way are great. If you look as if the breakup meant nothing, they’ll certainly feel as if they never should have been without you in the first place.

You don’t have to feel like you are moving on, but don’t force it either. Show the strength that you feel like you don’t have to everyone else; to those who are close to you including your ex and your close circle of family and friends. Showing it makes you look more eye-catching. They may begin to treat you better than ever and your ex may wonder why he or she broke up with you.

How can you put up a front that you’ve moved on especially if you don’t feel like it? There’re 2 ways you can do this.

(1) Take care of your appearance – Change your appearance to look better. Buy clothes that flatter your looks. If you need it, start a diet and get some exercise. Lose those unwanted pounds that seem to trip you up. You can also get a haircut or a brand new hair style. If you don’t like to smile because of an imperfection, then gets something done about it. There are so many things that you can change about yourself. Pick out a few that you think you need to change first.

(2) Get a social life – Don’t let the breakup pain stop you from living your life. You don’t want it to completely take over your life. You may not want to live life without them but you need to show them that you can. Go out with your friends. Surround yourself with people who can give you a healthy outlet. If you force yourself to have a good time, you may find yourself having a good time on your own without having to force it.

If you combine these two things together, you’ll find yourselves beating off other people who would like to know who you are. Do you have to go out with them? No, you don’t. The interest alone that you’ll get will help you feel confident and good in yourself.

If you act like you’re moving on, you’ll find yourself wondering if you really want to get your ex back or if you want to move on and find someone else you want to be with. If you can show him or her how you are now, it may make them take a second glance and want to have a second chance. Try it, it works!