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Monthly Archives: May 2017

Squabble in The Right Way

Squabble is better to quench at the beginning.

Just say: “Wait, I just recalled …” and after this tell some important stuff about someone from your close circle (let it be even complete baloney – you will work something out later). For example, say that Johnson has final break-up with his girlfriend; or say that mom called and said that her water heater exploded. Or do something unexpected – blow a whistle with two fingers or make a back flip (note: your act must carry nothing offensive or aggressive, for example, do not toss into window her collection of Maureen Dowd writings). Recall some super-urgent business, give her a kiss and leave the room with a promise to be back soon. Before coming back you better call her and make sure that she chilled out.

Be specific.

Never generalize when you are arguing. Statements like “you are always rambling hell knows where”, “it is impossible to find anything in this house” or “all your girlfriends are brainless cows” will be taken as an unjust offense, even if they are true as 2 x 2 = 4. Be specific in your argument. Say instead: “you are three hours late”, “where did you put the bottle opener?” or “I think, Jessica is saying total bullshit” – this will allow you to express your feelings without any offensive generalizations.

Do not rush to deliver last year news.

She knows well even without you, that a year ago she purchased this stupid Tiffany lamp. As well as you already heard before that in 2003 you didn’t send her mom a postcard on Columbus Day. Try to dig out something fresh for your arguments.

Follow the grammar.

Are there just two of you? Then talk about “you” and “me”, and not about abstract “people” or “somebody”. Here are several examples: “This is ridiculous!” that’s bad, “I don’t like that you just said” – that’s good. “Only complete idiot will eat this crap” – bad, “I hate frozen beans” – good. “I am not going to explain anything to anyone!” – bad. “I feel like you don’t want to understand me” – good.

Do not ask “Why?” Because during the argument, when feelings are boiling, you will get the only answer: “Because!” There will go all your talk …

Start your argument immediately.

If you do not like something, say it right away, do not take a week for reflections. The faster will be your reaction, the faster the conflict will be resolved.

Do not play solo.

You’ve said your part? Give her a chance to say hers, who knows, maybe she will say something reasonable. In any case, look into her eyes when she speaks. Women hate talk to stubborn backs and sarcastic profiles. Men, actually, do too.

Each one should get a glass of some cold drink.

Not for pouring the contents into each other’s faces, but for taking breaks in the quarrel and chilling out. Just in case, you better use plastic cups.


Important Things that Man Looks for in A Woman

Understand Weakness in Men

Men from the childhood are told to suppress their feelings, they are not allowed to express their emotions, which for a man is a sign of weakness and on the contrary women are more expressive. When in a relationship the effect of this is manifold. Women expect the men to express their love as they do. Men can’t respond in the same way, but it does not mean that his love is any less. It’s just a question of expression; men show their love they don’t like to speak about it. Men show it in their actions by doing things that he thinks would make her happy. In learning how to make him love you more, the first thing is to respect the love he shows, not try to bull doze him into saying it. It acts as a huge turn off.

Cater to His Needs

Women often feel that a little less frequent intimacy acts as a catalyst to reignite passions. This is seldom true. Men like to be close and intimate with woman that he loves. If the woman does not respond he is hurt. He feels rejected and would love you less for it. He has his needs which you have to satisfy and this would make him happier and is one of the best answers how you can make a man love you. One of the best ways to make him love you more is to be more passionate with him and allow him to do some tasks for you. A man needs to feel wanted and he likes making his partner happy, it massages his ego. So go ahead and give him the chance to prove that he is the best man in world.

Don’t Criticized Him

Men like to be told that they are good and the best, he wants to be of value and it matters to him that among all, you value him. Always listen to his words and make him feel important.

Women have a tendency to be too open about their feelings, women want to be listened. Men need a bit of mystery in the women they love. It keeps him on his toes, so be mysterious and don’t try to submerge him with talks about how you feel. Take your time off and be sure about yourself. Bring issues that are important but don’t discuss unimportant things every time.

Men respect woman who know their feelings and who are comfortable with themselves. If you still want to know how to make him love you more, then be yourself, be a bit mysterious and respect and value him.


Woman Qualities that Any Man Would be Attracted To


You don’t have to be the most beautiful women in town to be confident. All that is needed is the belief that you are worth his efforts. Don’t make the mistake of praising yourself in front of him. It would be more interesting for him to discover the qualities in you by himself. And he would appreciate them more when he finds them without you informing him. And the more he discovers the more would he want you to share them with him.


This is something that men rate very high when you ask what men want from women. They don’t like their woman to be suspicious about them all the time. They would rather have a woman who would believe in their words. A man would be very happy with a woman who trusts her man and doesn’t think he cheats on her. A nagging woman or one that is always asking questions about his activities and friends would put the man off.


This is important for men but beware. Do not fake it. If you act being kind just to impress the man you should know that the truth would come out sooner or later. It is very good to be kind to the man but even better if you appreciate and compliment the waiters in the restaurant or thank the cab driver when you are with him. But it should be genuine. The best you can do is to make it a habit this will not only get you good response from your man but also from every one around you. Kindness is not only what men want from women but what everyone wants from everyone.


If you find the man to be the one for you it is better to not express your desire to be committed immediately. Give him time to be sure about his feelings. If you jump the gun it would only scare him away. Always try and not think too far ahead in terms of commitment. Considering what do men want from women in terms of commitment is basically time to make a decision. It usually is not about whether to get committed to you but when to get committed to you. Men take a little more time than women when deciding about commitment.