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Tips to Make Him Call You

You decide to put off everything that you had planned just to wait for his phone call but you realize it’s gotten late and the phone never rang. You look at your email inbox or your text messages and realize there’s nothing from him. Now what?

You wonder why the night was so beautiful to you but not to him. You feel like contacting him instead of waiting for him to call you. Don’t think you are alone in this feeling/thinking? Tons of women are experiencing this problem each day. Many feel that the circumstance is discouraging but it’s actually not. You can do things that will make him get his phone and dial your number. What do you need to do to make this happen?

What next?

If you are left wondering why this guy hasn’t called, you probably have already thought about calling him. Have you always been the one to initiate call after your dates? You may automatically pick up the phone and dial his number without even thinking about it. Do you think he doesn’t call because he is too busy with his job or just in general busy? What can you do? Try not to call him. Don’t call him even after you have been out with him.

How does this work? Believe it or not, he’ll begin to wonder why he hadn’t heard from you. He’ll want to know what is going on. Women turned to bear the burden of relationship communication. However, if you always do the initiating, you’ll be doing it so long as the relationship lasts. If you go out and call every time after the date, he’ll be waiting on you to call him. Break the cycle: again, don’t call him!

Will it be difficult to do? Yes. Everybody’s mind can think the worst scenario possible like this guy has got another girlfriend or that he just so good looking and eligible. Don’t think the worst because that’s usually not the case. If you aren’t calling him, if he wants to get to know more about you, he should be doing the calling instead.